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Working at Domicil - working in the middle of life

Day in and day out, our employees bring a smile to the faces of our residents. At this point, we would also like to give them a face and let them have their word. Below, you will gain a small insight into our work and get to know various personalities from our facilities.

If you would also like to take a look inside our facilities, you can visit our virtual house tours on the facility websites.

From the search for a place to study to the nursing profession

Apprentice Sanam Kumar has always wanted to work with people and help them. In his job portrait, Mr. Kumar explains how he originally came to Germany to do his bachelor's degree. He was immediately fascinated by an apprenticeship in the nursing sector. The nursing profession seemed to be the perfect choice.

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Family atmosphere in the kitchen

As deputy kitchen manager, it is particularly important to Mr. José Nunez that there is a good working atmosphere. In his job portrait, he talks about how much he appreciates the relaxed atmosphere at Domicil. The deputy manager sees his colleagues as a kind of family - some are like siblings, others like aunts or uncles.

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As a lateral entrant to the nursing profession

Ina Schwede, a very committed and social personality, joined Domicil as a lateral entrant and is now a nursing professional. In her job portrait, she talks about how important it is to support and value each other as a team. For Ms. Schwede, nursing care is not just a job but rather an affair of the heart.

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Giving something back to the older generation

The residential area manager, Jurij Cobena Kanngießer, finds the task of caring for the needs of the older generations very fulfilling. In his job portrait, he explains how his family, who always taught him to treat the older generation with respect and who also work in a nursing facility for the elderly, made him want to work in this sector. It is particularly important to Mr. Kanngießer to keep the quality of care high and to allow the residents to live with dignity.

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From the laundry to residential area manager

Nadine Sadler actually worked in housekeeping and then climbed the career ladder from laundry to residential area manager. In her job portrait, she explains that she discovered her true passion in nursing care for the elderly and that the residents give her great pleasure. Ms. Sadler appreciates the opportunities for advancement at Domicil as well as the great working atmosphere.

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A fulfilling career in nursing

As a residential area manager, Sandra Ruppert and her team pursue the goal of giving the residents an independent and individual life in safety and security as far as possible. In her job portrait, Ms. Ruppert talks about how she knew very early that her place was in the social sector. Dealing with people and seeing the sparkle in the faces of the residents is priceless for her.

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The magic of little moments

Nursing service manager Alexander Klein sees nursing care for the elderly as an opportunity to assist residents in their final phase of life. In his job portrait, Mr. Klein says that these little moments count, such as the smile of a resident, which reflects their gratitude. What makes him particularly happy is that people at Domicil treat each other as equals and everyone works together.

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From nursing assistant to management level

As director of the facility, Sven Koppehel has a lot of responsibility at Domicil. He takes care of all the needs of his employees and always has an open door for all requests. In his job portrait, he emphasizes the central role of the team in his career development, from nursing assistant to manager. His focus is on empathetic communication, employee development, and the fulfillment of individual needs. Mr. Koppehel is optimistic about the future of nursing and underlines the importance of training and further education.

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