Koch Nunez sitzt lächelnd auf einem Stuhl im Freien bei einem Interview

Passion and team spirit in the kitchen

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We offer exciting career perspectives in senior care and invite you to become part of our motivated team. In this job portrait, we would like to introduce you to Mr. José Manuel Mendoza Nunez, former cook and deputy kitchen manager at Domicil-Seniorenpflegeheim Im Nikolaiviertel in Hanover. In his interview, the chef talks about an atmosphere that he describes as "super" and characterized by a "good spirit." For him, working at Domicil is more than just a job; it's a place where he feels at home.

Team spirit in the kitchen: one big family

José describes the working atmosphere in the kitchen as very positive. The deputy kitchen manager sees his colleagues as a kind of family—some are like siblings, others like aunts or uncles. He particularly emphasizes the good relationship with the head chef, who is seen as a good friend or uncle.

"Well, the atmosphere in the kitchen is very good and I get along great with everyone. For me, the employees are all like family, some like a sister or aunt, or like the head chef, a good friend who could also be an uncle of mine."

Passion for the kitchen: cooking as a vocation

His passion for cooking, preparing, and seasoning dishes is an essential part of his work. The careful preparation of meals for all residents, from breakfast to lunch, which external guests and employees can also take advantage of by prior arrangement and payment, to the coffee table with home-baked cakes and the evening meal, and the associated tasks in the kitchen are not just work for him but a vocation that fulfills him every day.

Personal conclusion: fulfillment at work

The decision to work at Domicil has turned out to be the right one for the deputy kitchen manager. His daily enjoyment and the low amount of overtime reflect his job satisfaction. The deputy kitchen manager also emphasizes the good work-life balance as a chef at Domicil:

"I always finish work at 14:30. I hardly work any overtime and I enjoy coming to work here every day. Always in a good mood."

His consistently good mood and job satisfaction are proof of the pleasant working environment at Domicil.

If you are looking for a fulfilling career in senior care and an inspiring work environment, we invite you to get to know DOMICIL and one of our senior care homes. With around 5,500 employees in 46 care facilities, we ensure the well-being of our residents. The beautiful ambience of our facilities inspires not only our residents but also our teams.


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