Pflegefachfrau Ina Schwede sitzt lächelnd auf einer Terrasse

Commitment and cordiality in the nursing profession Career: lateral entry - apprentice - nursing professional

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We offer exciting career perspectives in senior care and invite you to become part of our motivated team. In this job portrait, we would like to introduce you to Ms. Ina Schwede, a nursing professional at Domicil-Seniorenpflegeheim Baumschulenweg in Berlin-Treptow. She is a particularly committed and socially minded nursing professional, having successfully completed her vocational apprenticeship. Now she is a permanent member of the Domicil team. She sees her work not just as a job but as an affair of the heart that goes far beyond her professional responsibilities.

Our team: solidarity and support

Ina emphasizes the special team dynamic and cooperation at Domicil. The work culture is based on mutual support and appreciation, which makes Domicil a place where everyone works together rather than doing their own thing.

"People, including us employees, are simply taken care of. [...] So not everyone does their own thing here."

Work philosophy: more than just nursing care

In her role, Ina Schwede goes beyond traditional nursing tasks. She and her colleagues recognize and respect the individuality and wishes of the residents. Ina describes how she takes on different roles to provide residents with comprehensive care and a feeling of home.

"Firstly, the residents are taken care of [...] and we as employees are more or less at home with them. We are just guests; we support them in their everyday lives. We are many things to one person: hairdresser, make-up artist, best friend, maybe sister. So we are so much more than just nurses. We always try to carve out a bit of time for the residents."

Special moments: The little things count

Ina talks about special moments when she responds to the residents' individual wishes. One example is the organization of a "beauty day" for a resident who longed for face masks. These small gestures of care strengthen the bond between care staff and residents.

"Okay, well, you just do a beauty day with her. [...] She chose a honey mask. Yes, she was really happy and thanked me a thousand times."

Personal conclusion: fulfillment in the job

Ina Schwede finds her work at Domicil fulfilling and rewarding. She has never experienced a day when she didn't want to get up to go to work. For her, the decision to work at the Domicil, a senior care home for the elderly, was one of the best of her life.

"Personally, I can't complain at all. I've never had a day where I said, "Oh God, I don't feel like getting up today." I've never had that. I don't do it because I have to, but because I love it. Domicil was simply the best decision I could have made. And I don't regret it one day."

If you are looking for a fulfilling career in senior care and an inspiring work environment, we invite you to get to know DOMICIL and one of our senior care homes. With around 5,500 employees in 46 care facilities, we ensure the well-being of our residents. The beautiful ambience of our facilities inspires not only our residents but also our teams.


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