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We offer exciting career prospects in senior care and invite you to become part of our motivated team. In this job portrait, we would like to introduce you to Mr. Alexander Klein, Nursing Service Manager at Domicil-Seniorenpflegeheim Baumschulenweg in Berlin-Treptow.
Mr. Klein talks about his attachment to his first and until now only company. His daily joy is working with his dynamic team and accompanying the residents through their everyday lives. It fulfills him to empower them and stand by their side.

Joy in working

For Mr. Klein, the opportunity to assist residents in their final phase of life, when life becomes increasingly difficult and challenging for them, is a profound and emotionally fulfilling experience. For him, the claim "in the midst of life" reflects the philosophy of working hard every day to ensure that residents can continue to participate in life. Even a small smile from residents who can no longer speak gives him a good feeling every day that he has chosen the right profession. Every smile as a powerful sign of gratitude is like a silent conversation that tells him: Your work and your care make a difference in my life. The senior citizens also use appreciative facial expressions and gestures to thank his team and him personally for the attention and passion with which he carries out his profession.

"The nice thing about the job is that you can help the residents in the last phase of their lives, when things get really difficult," says Mr. Klein with satisfaction. In this way, he can help the residents every day to experience moments of happiness once again and to maintain their dignity despite their sometimes very old age and increasing limitations.

A company that encourages and supports

Mr. Klein describes Domicil as a company that supports a young and dynamic team. Problems are taken seriously, solutions are actively sought, there is room for personal development, and the hierarchies are flat.

"Domicil is an employer where you can develop. We try to address all of our employees' problems and find a happy solution for both sides on an equal footing."

Even the boss is always open to personal concerns, and DOMICIL is noticeably committed to the well-being and development of its employees.


Personal conclusion: the future at Domicil

Mr. Klein can imagine working at Domicil - Baumschulenweg until he retires. His long-term commitment is characterized by a valued community, the promotion of employees, and a pleasant working atmosphere. He appreciates the numerous opportunities for personal and professional development offered to him and his colleagues. For him, these career opportunities are a clear sign that the well-being of the employees is taken just as seriously as that of the residents.

"I wouldn't want to change anything. I can imagine working here for the rest of my life."

If you are looking for a fulfilling career in senior care and an inspiring work environment, we invite you to get to know DOMICIL and one of our senior care homes.

With around 5,500 employees in 46 care facilities, we ensure the well-being of our residents. The beautiful ambience of our facilities inspires not only our residents, but also our teams. Apply now for one of the advertised nursing positions and benefit from an attractive starting bonus.


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