The residents give me the most pleasure Career: From housekeeper to residential area manager

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We offer exciting career perspectives in senior care and invite you to become part of our motivated team. In this job portrait, we would like to introduce you to Ms. Nadine Sadler, residential area manager at Domicil - Seniorenpflegeheim Baumschulenweg in Berlin-Treptow. Ms. Sadler actually learned housekeeping and only wanted to work in the laundry to bridge the gap. However, this short period turned into several years. In the end, she liked Domicil so much as an employer that she decided to stay and, after a two-week trial period in nursing care, to start another apprenticeship and career.

In search of fulfillment, I discovered nursing care

Due to persistent underutilization in the laundry, Ms. Sadler was looking for professional fulfillment. Mr. Koppel, director of the facility at the senior home, assured her that a suitable opportunity would be found. So Ms. Sadler initially went into nursing care for two weeks on a trial basis. Despite her initial uncertainty, she quickly realized that she had found her true passion - a job that not only offered her professional fulfillment but also a deep human connection to the residents. The connection with the residents became a source of unexpected joy. It wasn't just a career change, but a journey towards greater humanity and mutual enrichment.

"Then I realized that it was something after all. It's simply human. [...] that you get so much back from the residents.".

I like to do the late shift on Christmas

Ms. Sadler even finds the late shift on Christmas Eve very special. She deliberately chose this because, while many of her colleagues are celebrating with their children and families, she enjoys working with the residents. The love shared by the residents during this festive time makes the service a memorable and enjoyable experience.

"I like doing the late shift at Christmas; [...] there's so much love from the residents that you're just there. And that's what really makes it special."

These emotional moments underline the fact that Nadine Sadler's work goes far beyond the usual care tasks and that her work enables a genuine human exchange.

Personal conclusion: Domicil is more than just an employer

Her many years at the facility prove her satisfaction and loyalty to an employer that she describes as exceptional and supportive. At Domicil, you have great opportunities for advancement; just go to the boss, express your wishes, and a way is found together, Nadine Sadler says with satisfaction. Domicil makes it possible. The fact that Ms. Sadler has been with the company for so long speaks for itself. There is an atmosphere in which you feel comfortable and needed.

"Domicil really is a great company."

If you are looking for a fulfilling career in senior care and an inspiring work environment, we invite you to get to know DOMICIL and one of our senior care homes.

With around 5,500 employees in 46 care facilities, we ensure the well-being of our residents. The beautiful ambience of our facilities inspires not only our residents but also our teams. Apply now for one of the advertised nursing positions and benefit from an attractive starting bonus.

More about Nadine Sadler

"From dishwasher to millionaire"

The following foreword from the "Baumschulenblatt" issue 02/2023 is fitting:

"As in real life, you can rarely predict what the future will bring. In my article today, I would like to tell you about one of our employees who has literally worked her way up from dishwasher to millionaire. She was just 18 years old when she joined us as a trainee in housekeeping and first completed her practical assignments in our laundry. Even back then, her openness to new things and her approachability towards the residents stood out. She was very open and friendly with her colleagues. After completing her training, we were immediately able to recruit her to work in our laundry. Always having a friendly word for the residents, taking part in our tattoo shoot, being involved in our dance group and lots of little extras made her an important part of our team.

But her career was not to end here. After 5 years in the basement of our building, she decided to try her hand at nursing. She also mastered this task with flying colors. In order to further her education in the nursing field, she chose the path of in-service training as a geriatric nurse. With a great deal of ambition and hard work, she managed to complete this with very good results. Thanks to her skills and her courage to tackle new things, to really get stuck in, and not to bury her head in the sand even in the face of setbacks, we then elected her as head of the residential area a year ago. If you would like to read more about Ms. Sadler's career, please take a look at page 20."


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