Wohnbereichsleiterin Sandra Ruppert steht mit einer Bewohnerin freundschaftlich umarmt an einem geöffneten Fenster.

Sandra Ruppert's success story Seize your professional opportunity

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Would you like to work in a warm and inspiring environment? Follow the career path of Sandra Ruppert, our dedicated residential area manager at Domicil - Seniorenpflegeheim Fürstenstraße in Berlin-Zehlendorf, and create your own success story. We offer exciting career prospects in senior care and invite you to become part of our motivated team. Find out more about your career opportunities at DOMICIL and be inspired by Sandra Ruppert's onboarding. Whether you already have experience in care or are looking to train, you will find a fulfilling and rewarding vocation with us. Join us now and shape your future with us!

Make people happy with small things

I would like to introduce myself to you today and give you an insight into my fulfilling and varied work as a residential area manager at Domicil - Seniorenpflegeheim Fürstenstraße in Berlin-Zehlendorf.

I realized at the age of 20 that my passion was working with people. My social year took me to a Retirement home and I quickly discovered my calling. The opportunity to see the happiness in the eyes of our residents through small gestures and loving attention fills me deeply. The smile you get back is priceless.

On the sheltered ward, my team and I pursue one overarching goal: a largely independent, individual life for our residents with dementia, in safety and security. A life in an environment that takes individual physical and mental abilities into account and strengthens them where possible. We offer our residents a wide range of activities and services to improve their quality of life. From joint excursions to cultural events - we make sure that our residents feel comfortable and secure. And sometimes all it takes is a walk together or reading a favorite book aloud.

The encounter that changed everything

My adventure at Domicil began on April 1 of this year. But my journey began on our Facebook page. There I came across a job advertisement published by our facility director, Ms. Klein. The bonus mentioned in it seemed too good to be true. I expressed my skepticism in a comment with "unbelievable". Ms. Klein replied immediately and a friendly conversation ensued. That same day or the next - I don't remember exactly - I visited our facility and spent hours with Ms. Klein. The first impression was overwhelming: Domicil looked like a hotel and I was immediately impressed.

A place where you feel at home

The entire complex, the garden and the driveway exude a harmonious atmosphere. I particularly appreciate my colleagues and the team at Domicil. The warm and open communication, coupled with respect, is something that inspires me every day. We all have the same goal in mind: to provide the best possible care and nursing. 

My wish is to stay at Domicil and develop further. Here I see the opportunity to further my career while maintaining my dedication to the well-being of our residents. Standing still is not an option for me.

Shaping the future together!

If you are looking for a fulfilling career in senior care and an inspiring working environment, I would like to invite you to get to know DOMICIL and our senior care homes. With around 5,500 employees, we look after the well-being of our residents in 46 care facilities. The beautiful ambience of our facilities not only inspires our residents, but also me personally.

Together, we can enrich the lives of our residents and bring a smile to their faces. Because you too can "make a person happy with small things".


Become part of our team and help us to improve the quality of care for older people.

If you too are interested in a career in elderly care and want to ensure the quality of care, then you should consider DOMICIL. Become part of our team and help ensure that the older generation receive the care and recognition they deserve.
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